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Wow . . . Celebration of Freedom 2008 has come with expectation from the Lord and the results are outstanding.

Forty souls received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and there were twenty-three miracle healings. Four were baptized Sunday morning in Newcomb, NM and many more were baptized in Farmington, NM.

Our Lord richly blessed and ministered to us: pastors, saints, sinners alike each night.  Each service was filled with an expectation from the Lord. Services were charged with anointed singing and anointed musicians.

Thursday evening (July 10), four were filled with the Holy Ghost.  Bro. Hernandez encouraged and blessed the crusade with anointed preaching.

Friday night (July 11), five received the Holy Ghost. Saturday night (July 12), the last night of the revival Bro. Hernandez encouraged all to repent before the Lord Jesus. All repented, and Jesus began to fill His glory all over the building and the people.  Thirty one precious souls began speaking in another tongue as the Holy Ghost gave the utterance.

The blessings of God also were evident by numerous healings taking place during the conclusion of the service.  To God be the glory!  Many backsliders were refilled too.  The Rio Rancho Choir sang with excitement, "Revival , Do You Want It?"

Shiprock Phil Thomas Fine Arts Center was charged with the power of God's presence. The man of God prophesied "that something was broken in the spirit world for the Native Americans and they will be redeemed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. There will be a church in Shiprock, NM!!"

I would like to thank you all for your financial support and for all the musicians and praise singers. Many of you flew in or drove from different states to support the work in Shiprock, many many thanks to all of you!!

God Bless, Pastor Yazzie